10 insanely good Amazon Black Friday deals for August 2017

Thanks to an impending tech TV sales season and all the brick-and-mortar signs around retailers all year long — especially now that Amazon is nearly unbeatable — it may seem like Black Friday is here before you even know it. While that may be true for some products, you can find some deals heading into the holiday season all year round, and keeping an eye on e-commerce giant Amazon keeps you far ahead of the curve. With the help of their Amazon Black Friday Deals page, and an SEO firehose of product listings, the information is all here:

1. Buy the Ninja Roasting Bar set


Where is it? Best Buy

2. Get a Zeo headphones combo for $129.99


Zeuon headphones sold together is a great deal, because they’re both really, really good. Here’s Amazon’s full case. The best part is you get both audio/video cables and quick connect adapters in one package!

3. Get your BBQ grill for just $350

Best Buy

4. Get a Samsung QLED Family Room Theater 4K TV for $549.99 (save $200+)


The TV is a Samsung QE55Q6F, a 55-inch 4KTV with HDR. Full HD picture and audio are perfect for just about any room. It’s a good family video room display, and pairs very well with Samsung’s latest Game Mode (which detects motion and home-theater systems) and facial recognition feature.

5. Get a set of 3/4-inch thin-film transistor (TFM) microwave with LED package for $134.99


In the thin microwave game, this one is exceptional. It has enough power and watts for a few hours of microwave cooking, includes a glass door, and controls are incredibly simple, for a small appliance.

6. Get 50 percent off the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet


For the next 30 days, Amazon is giving away Fire tablets to 10 million customers, but if your household needs a bigger screen, this has a 7-inch HD display and is only $75. Just make sure you check the size of the tablet and it’s screen resolution before you order.

7. Get 60 percent off the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet


8. Get 60 percent off the new Kindle Paperwhite


This is a good enough reason for anyone to own a Kindle, but it’s worth mentioning because the Paperwhite now packs In-Display Voice Technology (Indoor, Outdoor, and Bamboo) as well as an Incognito Mode. For a small price reduction, customers can get a dedicated alarm app and for added convenience, the new Paperwhite also adds a storage feature, letting you see the book across multiple devices with one, if you need to.

9. Get a 3-Port KWNA Insulated Kitchen Robe


This large linen laundry bib comes with a 4-row roller laundry mat for high and low spinning cycles, and includes a 78-centimeter layer of bamboo mesh, three sets of clips, a slide for hanging, removable drawstring, adjustable waist belt, and a 33-inch grid draped across one side, for easy drying.

10. Get up to $350 off Thermador 6-qt 4HT275STE home stove


Keep an eye on Amazon throughout the year and your wishlist could be considerably shorter.


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