5-year-old shot and killed by teen who wanted to post the video on Facebook

A 5-year-old child was fatally shot by a teenager apparently with the intention of sharing the video on social media, police said on Wednesday. The shooting occurred late Monday night in Minnesota. The boy was apparently shot while standing in the living room of a home near the city of Chaska. The teen was allegedly firing a rifle out of a closet when he accidentally shot and killed the boy. The teen was holding a phone that the child saw on the wall as he looked through a window, reports the Star Tribune.

“He cannot live with himself,” Chaska Police Chief David Dahlin said at a news conference. “This entire incident has just been a terrible tragedy.”

According to Dahlin, the home where the shooting occurred belongs to the child’s parents. They have two other children, ages 3 and 9. The boy was home at the time of the shooting with the two other children, but not the teen. Dahlin said that the boy did not know that the teenage boy was the shooter.

Dahlin told the Star Tribune that the child’s parents, who were inside the home during the shooting, were distraught and are cooperating with the investigation. The county attorney’s office said it would charge the boy, who authorities say did not know how to use a firearm. The teen will face second-degree manslaughter, felony weapon possession and underaged consumption charges.

Read the full story at the Star Tribune.


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