American grandparents catch him married, surprise surprise bride

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Sir John Hill – an Englishman — flew to Chicago in 2015 to surprise his now-wife, Kristina, who was spending Thanksgiving Day with her family.

Sir John and his teenage daughter had searched online for the ideal anniversary gift — complete with personalized note, magazine or book — and when they realized that this year’s celebration falls on Thanksgiving, they decided to go ahead with the surprise.

With Kristina’s agreement, Sir John flew into Chicago, approached her grandparents to make sure that they were available and on their best behavior that day and they happily agreed.

However, after his son-in-law started passing around photos of him and his daughter that was very close to Kristina’s, which made him think back to his own wedding day, Sir John called Kristina’s mother to say he was leaving the house. Kristina was slightly confused because she thought he was joking, but he was serious.

It was then that he realized what he’d found: Kristina’s grandparents had run into him in the airport, once they had confirmed that he was at least 35 years old. When they saw that he was then about to walk into their home, they burst into tears and started apologetically dancing.

“I think the most exciting thing was when we touched down at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and my 83-year-old grandmother couldn’t believe that we were standing there waiting for them,” Kristina Hill told CNN Travel.

Sir John Hill and Kristina Hill after their wedding ceremony in August 2013. Courtesy Sir John Hill

Sir John and Kristina exchanged their vows at a small ceremony in Leeds, England, on August 27, 2013.

Sir John said that on the day, “things were quite normal so she was quite shocked to see me.”

He added, “My daughter was absolutely giddy with excitement to have married her dad.”

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