Banned Bernie Ecclestone recalls his heartache when Formula 1 failed

Formula 1 is not only a sport but a way of life for former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Ecclestone and Williams are legendary for being two of the drivers at the wheel of the UK’s Got The Right Stuff when it comes to Formula 1.

However, Ecclestone is not just thrilled to be back in a Formula 1 car after a lengthy absence, but believes that without Formula 1 as we know it, the sport would have died.

“I wish I could go back with Bernie when he was sitting with the government because I think they would have said ‘not in my name’,” Ecclestone said.

“Formula 1 wouldn’t have survived, because people don’t want to see a guy falling out of the cockpit.

“[Williams] were very foolish. They’d said, ‘we’ll do it this way, we don’t need to look over our shoulders’ and then they did it.”

Ecclestone has always been intrigued by Formula 1 in its entirety, and had been invited by former Australian Prime Minister John Howard to join the Australian Grand Prix committee in 2007.

The 81-year-old has always thought that the World Championship title was the essence of F1, and he has often spoken out about drivers getting away with too much wheel turning on low-speed corners.

“Someone told me that when they won they were at the wisest pace, when they did a low lap and nobody was around them,” Ecclestone told FOX Sports Australia.

“They could stop and then after a couple of laps they’d hit the next best team around them, so you know, yeah, it’s very much, very much in your head about not losing too much time.

“It’s a very emotional moment when you win. It’s pure excitement for you and of course for everybody that’s involved in the sport, so I always wish we could do it again, and that’s a long shot, but you’ve got to try.”

F1 season will next be in action with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in June, but when F1 returns in 2018, its new broadcast deal with Sky Sports is likely to hit the sport hard.

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