Beeping, beeping, beeping – what’s causing the World Cup lag?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Was the button on the controller fixed during one of the live broadcasts?

Towards the end of the World Cup, fans began to complain that their beeping mobile phone and TV was part of the soundtrack.

Some took to social media to voice their concerns, with one Manchester United fan getting so frustrated she threatened to miss the final.

However, it seems they weren’t the only ones to have a problem.

Has someone else had the same problem? Is it one of the BBC’s own World Cup televisions? Have they fixed it?

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Apologies for the time-wasting questions!

Following this, people flocked to Twitter to help us understand what was causing this “mixup”.

Image copyright Nick Parmo/Twitter Image caption Nick Parmo tweeted viewers should tune in to the ‘live” radio commentary

The channel that produces the beeping sound and pushes the button at the end of a World Cup match, doesn’t seem to have solved the problem…

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Are the BBC’s World Cup transmissions the source of the problem?

… but may have taken a small step in the right direction

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Could a replica of the magic beeping button be created?

BBC listeners should take note

What is the most annoying thing you can tell a channel to shut down so it can give its play-by-play?

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