Braiden Bridge: A Hero of the Irish Football League

Braiden Bridge: A Hero of the Irish Football League

Bridges and Lithgow bring the personal to the action-thriller ‘The Old Man’

When we last saw Braiden Bridge, he was a broken man. His right arm had been severed at the elbow by a shotgun blast during a late-night firefight with the Irish Republican Army.

In the weeks that have passed, Braiden has made a remarkable recovery and looks to be back on equal footing with the two other players in the game.

This new-found strength of character is a testament to the man he has become – one of the most respected and successful players in the game’s history, having won numerous titles with his own team, the Braiden, and with teams like the O’Tooles, Hordern, and Ballygibbon. And now, Braiden is helping to save the lives of other players’ legs.

Braiden is the founder of Braiden Bridge, a charity that makes prosthetic limbs for players who have lost limbs in accidents. While the team were on their trip to the UK, Braiden spent time teaching his team about the work they were doing, and helping them develop a plan of action for the next trip.

“He has a lot of charisma and humility,” Dan O’Callaghan told The Gentleman. “He thinks big, he’s very positive, and his work is incredible. People who know him say that he has a bit of an over-confidence that he can get people out of any mess.”

It was during a training session at Braiden Bridge that O’Callaghan suggested the players use their skills to help others.

“The best way is to let them know that we understand the severity of what’s going on. We just want to do something in a more efficient way.”

Braiden Bridge

Braiden Bridge is an initiative by Braiden to help prosthetics users. It has given out over 4,000 prosthetic limbs in the past few years, with teams like his Braiden being used by players of

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