Broad U.S. economy recovery powered by household spending and economic growth, report finds

These charts show how the economy has grown since the global financial crisis of 2007-08.

The first chart is the overall increase in real gross domestic product:

The second chart shows the percent change in real GDP for the last five years.

Third is the real annual real growth in personal consumption expenditures, the largest part of the total GDP.

The fourth chart is the percentage of GDP that is contributed by each of the components of the personal consumption expenditures.

The fifth chart is the percent change in real disposable personal income, or the government’s official measures of income.

The sixth chart is the percent change in the value of real personal consumption expenditures excluding the oil sector.

The seventh chart is the percent change in real personal consumption expenditures for consumption expenditures that include alcohol, tobacco, health care, auto related spending, education and recreation, lodging and transportation.

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