Bugatti sales chief now Dario Suter, the new Camaro guru

Automotive giants BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz all have representatives in Washington to argue that the German-built machines that rule the auto world are here to stay. Meanwhile, Volkswagen is lobbying hard to pass the VW American Manufacturing Act, a bill that would create a “German Marshall Fund” of sorts to keep its Frankfurt-assembled VW brands thriving.

Recently, an ambitious German turbo-charged fighter pilot took his part of the rich-family-subsidized-luxury-car set by promising to take over Bugatti. DJ-commisioned Car of the Year honoree Jay Leno called the black Bugatti Veyron F2000 one of the most beautiful supercars he’s ever seen. But the Veyron is nearly 35 years old. That’s just long enough to pass the torch to the GT-R.

The two cars are distinct designs with different features but obviously similar driving experiences. But like everyone else in this world of equivilent cars, they get close. That’s where Dario Suter steps in.

Suter takes over for Wolfgang Duerheimer as Bugatti sales and marketing chief for the Americas after the former British Major General’s 45-year career. Before becoming BMW’s first-ever truck guy, he was BMW’s first-ever car guy, and GM’s first-ever Dodge salesman. He’s just a young man, but one who knows his brand.

“The Bugatti brand has such an important and unique position in the automotive world and I am committed to creating new opportunities for the brand,” Suter said in a statement. “The Bugatti brand has both an iconic image and qualities that relate to those brands with which we compete in the domestic automotive market, but the brand also has a brand image and aura that is unique to itself. This brand is extraordinary. “

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