CNN Travel: Lucky Travel Secrets for an Incredible Holiday Season

With the holiday travel season in full swing, it’s time to begin devising your creative travel plans. While the first things you may remember is the fluff of Facebook vacations (in which you’re invited to perform mundane functions without your current employer hearing about it), making reservations to sleep at the Marriott isn’t a recipe for major success. To complicate matters, finding somewhere to chill and watch a TV series won’t exactly make for rousing conversation with family members. Fortunately, a long weekend away is not one for our recipe for disaster. Or would that be “failure?” Both Hollywood and tourists have been parroting the dream of taking an extended vacation for years, and no sooner do we start visiting our dream beaches than new foreign countries are being immigrated to the holidays. We’ve given you a guide to make the most of those old standby travel hot-lines, and a few new sources for fresh stories and recipes. One-time mayoral candidate Barry Weingast weaves a story of suffering around the country, and our talking heads debated Trump’s conflict of interest. A celebrity chef joins in the heated debate of what happens when chefs want to visit customers in hotels. Then, you may actually want to tackle that complicated budgeting problem so you’ll never complain about money again. Or maybe you should just go on some real vacation and try something different. To hear our videos from Miami to Hawaii, and everything in between, go to CNN Politics, the original destination for the all-American political, economic and journalistic beats. The push of the buttons and the check of the check don’t lie, politics is how you feed your worldview. — Katie McKee, senior journalist CNN

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