Doorman golfs with a little hog: Video shows man driving with local beauty queen’s pig, who ran wild for hours

A California pig went on a golfing rampage after getting a ride at a country club.

Kelly Arnold, who posted footage of a Volkswagen Beetle carrying the stubborn hog on her Facebook page, said the driver was driving on a golf course at Versailles Oaks Country Club in Los Banos when the 12-pound animal was thrown from the vehicle into the bushes.

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The driver managed to walk away with just a broken nose and some scratches.

“I’m assuming that it broke its legs at some point and did not return to its owner,” said Arnold, a club member.

However, despite the spectacle that unfolded at the course, Arnold said the pig was kind to the woman and her friends and showed her signs of love.

“At one point she said she wanted to make the pig feel warm,” Arnold said. “At another point she said, ‘I want to be able to keep a pig at home.’”

A message left with the owner of the Volkswagen Beetle was not immediately returned.

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