Eat good, shop like a local in Paris

With the fall and holiday season in full swing, the team at POPSUGAR decided to check out a trip to Europe to see if there were any fun places to shop for local items. The area we visited is located in Paris, the capital of France and also the city that boasts many international attractions and stores. We decided to explore the historic Quai Voltaire (short for Place Voltaire) located right on the Place Vendôme. We arrived to a large amount of tourists along with locals who had gathered at the benches to watch a performance. On our first day of travel, we decided to get a quick cup of coffee with a view of the square before heading back to our hotel.

A corner store nearby had a fun market going on which we stopped in. When asked what was available, we were told that the clothes would be sold at prices similar to European departments stores, and the food and items sold could be found in all department stores as well. We chose foods from Seville to Jiro Dreams of Sushi and a couple of high end cosmetics.

Shop like a local in Paris

Throughout the day we enjoyed small and fun shops, including clothing stores, beauty companies, local bakeries, plenty of bakeries selling baked goods, specialty butchers and a handful of cafes that cater to shoppers. We got dinner at one of the local restaurants in the square in the City of Light.

A few of our favorite vendors were Annemée Boutique, my favorite store to stop into for gifts or beauty needs and Sainte Ive (Annie) (we’ve shopped there for far too long), which sells delicious cookies! You’ll find an endless array of cookies and pies, some of which have actual names, like “Lady Glaze Cake.”

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