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From the border between Maine and Canada

We asked, we waited, we wait, it got us nowhere

We were never quite sure why it took so long to leave Canada

And we’ll still not know why it’s happening tomorrow

I heard in the street…

I hope there’s a road west

I mean, where would they go?

We flew out the window

So we had to climb a mountain

So we really had no choice

We never thought Canada would last this long

That Canadian dollar has bounced around so much

We are all so poor, all so stuck

That’s why we wanted to leave Canada

We thought the government would understand and pay more money

So we won the Canadian lottery at the last moment

We built a house, but to nobody’s surprise it cost a lot

We sold everything but the house and found ourselves now in Buffalo

I couldn’t believe how much Canadians love their beer

They just yell “Yeah, yeah!”

My niece had a question for my girlfriend

She didn’t understand why Canadians have accents

Yeah, yeah…

And she wanted to ask me how I felt

‘Cause I’d just gotten back

From Ottawa

And she’d never seen anywhere like Canada

What’s the worst thing to do when you’re stuck in the same place?

It was so cold you couldn’t get a warm coat

That cold you can’t take a heat shirt

Or warm hat

And you always have your fingers crossed for snow

So you take the guesswork out of it and bring your coat

From Newfoundland to Buffalo…

(Finished air-conditioning in her apartment)

Now I have to wait at the border

Wait to clear customs

And they won’t check my bags for a long time

Eventually it’s snowing on my way home

And I’m packing my luggage for our flight

Canada, it’s only been a few days

You’ll pay a lot more when you go back

And I’m a long way from home

I want to leave…

This new habit is going to last a long time…

Oh I hope they don’t let you go to jail for Canada

-Our b-side reporter in Buffalo, Danielle Fahngor


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