F1 crash sparks street racer rampage

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

A Formula One driver has been summoned to appear before police in Malaysia following an incident in the motor sport’s sister league, the WRC, during last weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix.

Shanghai resident Wesley Muir and a number of his friends were allegedly assaulted by two other Red Bull Racing team members while driving their KTM motorcycle across the track.

Images of the incident, published on the WRC website, show Muir and friends taking part in a stunt in front of large crowds when they were surrounded by Red Bull racer Arnaud Demare and three of his crew members.

Michael Abel / XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM Red Bull Racing driver Arnaud Demare issued a warning to parties who conduct unauthorized street races in China.

The trio called for the team members to leave the track, but the motorcycle riders were immediately attacked by Red Bull cars and other crew members.

Muir alleges that an engine had been driven into his face by one of the Red Bull vehicles, injuring his eye, while another was ripped from his body after being thrown into the air by another motorbike.

According to local reports, the incident prompted a huge police response and dragged out to several hours.

Fans also flooded social media to criticise the alleged incident, with one Twitter user identifying himself as the brother of one of the victims writing: “This is really nasty.”

This incident appears to be the first reported serious incident during a race event in the Red Bull Racing team’s history.

Micheal Valacheri, Red Bull Racing’s head of motorsport, has confirmed that Muir has agreed to meet police to provide an account of what happened.

“He has been summoned to the police station in Kuala Lumpur and we look forward to discussing this matter with him,” said Valacheri.

Police gave no indication that they would be pursuing further action against anyone.

Several fans have been giving the team strict instructions to end the practice of illegal motor racing ahead of the ISX in Beijing on Dec. 1.

Gretchen Tice, a social media user named “Couple of Malaysian todays”, demanded an apology.

“When I arrived on the track, I was wondering what the name Red Bull Racing, which rules that allow for street street races around the track, is really trying to protect? I did not expect that they would attack us,” said Tice.

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