Family members say Augusta public health facilities leave them ‘unsafe’ and seeks better care in homes

Written by Emmy Award-winning Host Katherine Scritchfield and Partnered with the acclaimed Center for Disease Control and Prevention and National Public Radio, show explores the statistics behind the stories of sick visitors, their family members, and the state of the nation’s health system for seniors and loved ones. As caring relatives and community groups gain increasing power to gain access to the facilities they need to care for their loved ones, long-term care providers are learning how to welcome families into their homes. One part of the show challenges nursing homes, taking them back to the days when families did not have access to these facilities, and their state departments of health were not empowered to protect their residents from people at risk of harm. CNN’s Poppy Harlow speaks with experts from the Georgia Department of Public Health, to Georgia’s chief of nursing for nursing homes to residents, staff, and families about the challenges in implementing the new law.

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