Five Chinese kidnapped in DR Congo

By David Foxley

BBC News, Goma

The group had been held at gunpoint for several hours

At least five Chinese nationals have been kidnapped after a group of armed men attacked a village in eastern DR Congo.

The men were from a trucking company who were travelling to a site in the Katanga province, said Djavado Ngabo, a government spokesman.

This is the latest attack in the area.

At least 51 people were killed in an ambush on a bus and a train in Katanga on Sunday.

The group was travelling from the mining centre of Lubumbashi to the mining areas in Katanga when the attack took place.

The gunmen attacked the group, which had been held at gunpoint for several hours, at 1630 on Thursday.

The five men were taken to a house in the village of Yansi, 150km (90 miles) away from Katanga’s capital, Goma.

The victims are from Henan province in central China. One of them is said to be seriously injured.

The attackers were reportedly Congolese, although the government is currently investigating the motive for the attack.

The Katanga government said on Monday that it has beefed up security along its border with South Sudan.

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