Get ready to see some of the best TV of all time in these curated shows

The finger wag in “Sunday in the Park with George”

This scene from “Sunday in the Park with George” turns on a nifty trick: A skit at a formal dinner party consists of multiple scenes, all on the one table, and requires some fairly skillful timing.

Peek inside the collection at the Paley Center for Media

The Paley Center for Media, located in Los Angeles, offers an occasional, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the collections of masters of television and film.

Come inside the hellish theatre of “Company”

Those expecting comfort food will be sorry that they don’t get both humor and grandeur in this 2004 work by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine.

Catch snippets from “Into the Woods”

There’s a lot of curse words in this book, and a lot of people dancing around in those big ballerina dresses — if you can handle it.

Get some idea of Sondheim’s legendary stage presence

Stage-loving Sondheim will make any theatergoer laugh and cry, but have you ever heard him make a fool of himself on live television?

One of Sondheim’s favorite performances is the musical theater standout

In 2004, the musical theater icon chose “Spanglish” by former “Newsies” director Harvey Fierstein, but some of Sondheim’s best work isn’t performed on the stage. In fact, it’s the place where he’s most comfortable. In this clip, Sondheim picks out his favorite performance to date, in this time capsule by Vanity Fair’s Chris Jones.

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