Harriet Houghton-Oxley: Defeating Stigma through Trans Issues

Harriet Houghton-Oxley, the first openly transgender person of color to have published a book, was born in England in 1977. After transitioning at age 18, Ms. Houghton-Oxley moved to New York City, where she helped build the Times Square LGBTQ Center. She moved on to New York University where she studied painting, then enrolled in the Martin Prinz Critical Social Studies Program at New York University. Ms. Houghton-Oxley taught poetry and performance arts in New York City and began producing a series of radio plays. She left the city in 2005 to return to the UK, where she began blogging in her bedroom. After her blog hit the top of the UK news cycle in 2011, Ms. Houghton-Oxley—who came out to her mother and his father several years earlier—finally came out to her parents as a transgender woman. At the time, she wrote the “Mummy Blog,” an extensive collection of educational articles, photos, and anecdotes on parenting and cultural diversity. Her parents are supportive of her decision to have surgery to live as a woman.

Ms. Houghton-Oxley has also become a prominent transgender person in her community, most recently through her show, “In Conversation With Harriet Houghton-Oxley,” which has toured her LGBTQ community in New York, England, and Ireland. Ms. Houghton-Oxley currently has three podcasts (“Eltheencharlotte,” “Single and Trans,” and “Rebelle: An Autobiography”) on her website, Harriet HoughtonOxley.com. You can also support Harriet by supporting her effort to combat the stigma and harm faced by trans people.

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