Hawks commander: Nxumalo family ‘mad as hell’

Dec 31 — Sipho Nxumalo of Maquedano Humanitarian Limited and T.C. Randall of aswhombhownhether accused of various crimes by the South African Authorities and the

AP / Matt Dunham A sign reading “Welcome to Nxumalo house in Hykersdon” lies on a road outside the home of Ngqobedi Nxumalo in Hykersdon, South Africa, Monday, Dec. 31, 2012. After a protracted court battle Ngqobedi Nxumalo and his wife Maguhle Mize are free on bail. Ngqobedi Nxumalo, 51, and his wife Maguhle Mize, 41, are arrested on charges of unlawfully possessing at least five children from other families, using them for begging and keeping them in a squalid house in Hykersdon. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

39-year-old construction worker Ngqobedi Mize and her 50-year-old husband Ngqobedi Nxumalo, who were arrested on Dec. 31 and Dec. 31, 2012, in connection with the alleged imprisonment and rape of five children in South Africa have since their release been re-arrested.

However, both are now in custody after the National Prosecuting Authority announced on March 10 that the NPA “failed to prosecute three criminal cases against their 47-year-old secretary, Iyasha Nxumalo, with the possible effect that Iyasha Nxumalo’s sentence will be suspended.”

Nyeko Nxumalo and his wife Maguhle Mize were in 2010 sentenced to an additional two years in prison for the rape of another child in 2002. After being released on remand in April 2012 on parole Nxumalo’s wife will be sentenced in November.

Investigators with the Hawks Investigations Bureau said in an affidavit they have found that during Nxumalo’s three-month incarceration at Nashandi Industrial Estate in Ntlouonane an unidentified 34-year-old man came to plead for Nxumalo’s release and testify that he was offered NXUMD2, a program which specializes in children at risk of HIV/AIDS, employment, although he never fully worked for the development agency after completing the four-month course.

Investigators said that upon his release from prison Mize married Ngqobedi. By June the exact time frame for when Nxumalo was employed has come to light. Prosecutors said that he was hired on June 1, 2012 to work at a McDonald’s outlet in Cape Town, when he was working at Stanboard Kangaba Industrial Estate where Nxumalo was alleged to have been charged.

Mize moved to the Ntlouonane industrial estate on June 3, 2012.

Together Ngqobedi Nxumalo and Iyasha Nxumalo were alleged to have committed crimes against five children under the age of 10, which included false imprisonment and rape. The family had been living in Hykersdon, located in the Western Cape, where they were also accused of stealing 200 cows and sheep. They have since been evicted.

Mize’s manager of management, Masira Kelly, said Nxumalo was harassed and harassed by the police when he returned to Hykersdon in June 2014 after he was released from jail. Since then Kelly said Nxumalo had been “mad as hell.” Kelly said Nxumalo had a drinking problem and that he was disturbed by his arrest in December.

In previous interview Kelly said: “I was still bothered and sad about what happened to him because he was like a big brother. We miss him, but at the same time we know this happened, hopefully.”

Police told South African media that while Nxumalo had not yet been charged for rape because the case was awaiting trial, the investigation could be continued.

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