How Tammie Green set the stage for female golfers

We recently published the results of our WAMU debate about whether Tammie Green should be the greatest all-sport athlete of all time. Of the dozens of responses, we received three comments from people who had no doubt about Green’s presence at the top of the pantheon of great athletes. “She single-handedly created the modern women’s golf championship,” wrote one commenter. “Women’s golf without her would not exist today. And she’d be playing men’s golf,” added another.

I contacted Mike Azzara to learn more about what he thinks about what Green meant to women’s golf. He is the co-founder of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Champions Tour and the director of marketing and communications for the Horseshoe Bay Golf Club in SeaTac, Wash. It’s where Green, age 85, is one of the top players on the PGA Champions Tour. I recently spoke with Azzara about his enthusiasm for Green and what she meant to professional golf for women.

“Certainly, she’s not in the top four or five of the all-time athletes,” Azzara told me. “But there are many who view her as the greatest all-sport athlete of all time, and we at the Horseshoe Bay Golf Club agree. Her impact on the women’s sport of golf is significant. Tammie absolutely set the stage for women golfers and paved the way for such a rich career of competition for the women’s side of golf.”

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