Instagram will now delete your negative comments

If you’re an Instagram user, chances are you’ve noticed a photo that hasn’t been deleted by a user yet.

This isn’t a glitch or a glitch in Facebook’s algorithm — it’s a carefully crafted tactic from Instagram’s team to keep all user comments clear. Instagram products head Adam Mosseri testifies before a congressional panel on Facebook’s misuse of user data on Tuesday.

As it stands, a comment on an Instagram page will stay on the page as long as it is open. If a comment stays on the page, Instagram might just keep showing the user a version of that comment until the comment is deleted.

In an announcement on Monday night, Instagram said users who asked it to keep comments for longer could now do so.

That announcement came just weeks after Instagram confirmed to CNN Business that users will be able to delete comments directly from the app’s interface.

While users can delete comments they’ve already made on the app, it will soon be easier for Instagram to get rid of outdated or spammy comments directly from its own app.

Why is this important? Well, even users who delete their comments on Instagram still have the option to edit or comment on comments they’ve made on other platforms.

That means Instagram users who follow other Instagram users from other accounts could be discussing their accounts on Instagram and not realize it.

Instagram’s announcement also comes the same day Facebook will testify before a Congressional panel about how the company handles user data.

In written testimony released ahead of the hearing, Mosseri wrote that: “We believe we operate a product where all users benefit. We will work with Congress on updating laws and policies to provide more transparency in the service.”

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