Italy gripped: Tourism firm fires coach after he refuses to paint banner that reads ‘Dadda loves the fish’

Federico Alba stood on the streets of Palermo at the beginning of the week and reflected on his life as a professional golf coach and personal trainer. As tourists and residents crowded by his tent, Alba explained that his family was involved in the mafia and that his father is a “proven criminal.”

“The coaching career I have made so far, at least since 1996, has been blocked because of my family background,” he said. “If you go through all this, it can not be taken lightly by anyone and I don’t have any regrets in that I am living for another life while here I am accepting it.”

As the hour passed and Alba appeared tired, his chubby daughter picked up a paintbrush and began painting the tent on his shoulder.

“I wanted to use my art to speak out on the situation in Palermo,” she explained.

Alba’s daughter Dadda had another idea about painting the coach and his fellow coach, Fabrizio, on his back.

“I came up with the idea of lifting them on my back, like a skirt for Bastille Day.”

While the group debated about their ideas on Bastille Day (it’s not known if Alba truly supports the French government), a friend showed up carrying a bag of fish. Alba said, “Fish?” When told he was supposed to imitate his client’s favorite food, he replied, “Yes. I don’t care what you bring.”

When friend Mauro arrived and brought the bag of fish, Alba said, “Again, fish? I don’t care.”

“If the country is at war, don’t you like it? Don’t you see that this country is in a war?” Alba told the friend, who denied the claims that he didn’t.

It was a heated moment, but Alba said he would forgive his client.

“No one can forgive what the Sicilians are going through and to that I am saying they are going through a lot of things that are not in their grasp but we can live through it together.”

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