James O’Brien’s Challenge to Travel 100 Million Miles

James O’Brien’s Challenge to Travel 100 Million Miles

They came up with plans to prevent suicide and tackle climate change. Then on Day 4 of the reality TV challenge came a final twist.

The last contestant, a man who’s lived in the UK his entire life, was asked to leave the competition. His family were informed, and he left the BBC’s studios in front of his loved ones to be comforted by a friend.

The next contestant, a 33-year-old Australian who used to work in a supermarket, told reporters that he has taken a vow to live to 100 in order to fight climate change. A video clip of him was shown on the BBC’s main News at Ten bulletin, as well as being shown online.

“A little piece of me is holding on while I’m doing this. It’s really tough,” he said.

“These two weeks have been a revelation for me, personally and professionally.”

The challenge, hosted by Piers Morgan and co-founded by James O’Brien, who was featured in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, asks contestants to travel to more than 30 countries and travel 100 million miles in total over a period of 30 months. The goal is to reach 100 million miles by the end of the competition.

A total of 10,000 people have entered the competition, with 50 countries required. The final 10 contestants’ final challenge is to cover 1,000 miles by the end of the competition.

But there is another twist to the challenge, as O’Brien revealed that another contestant took part in the event.

“We have one young lady, who has come out on day one,” O’Brien said.

When told that the woman was also from Australia, he said: “We have this young lady who was a contestant in our competition this year.”

The woman in question is a 23-year-old who was crowned the winner of this year’s competition. The woman told reporters she’s going to start her own business and plans to travel the world

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