Joe Biden spotted shopping for scotch on luxury island with a ‘face mask’

In an apparent violation of a local health warning, former Vice President Joe Biden was seen on the island town of Nantucket on Sunday, splurging on some goods in a grocery store.

According to a local press report, Biden browsed at Nantucket Foods for some potato chips before buying more scotch and soda.

The former Delaware governor and veep reportedly walked around the store without a face mask, despite a posted sign ordering staff to comply with a state health advisory.


State officials announced last week that the flu has caused a spike in cases of pneumonia, which has led to the deaths of nine elderly people.

Between January and January 22, there were 86 hospitalizations and 93 more pneumonia cases reported in Massachusetts, the state’s health department announced Friday.

The agency also reported an increase in flu-related deaths among children under the age of 14.

Powder volleyball at the beach was canceled Monday in Porto Novelli, which is on the southeastern Massachusetts coast, due to respiratory illness.

Biden’s travel plans last week were delayed due to snow and blizzard conditions.

His son, Hunter Biden, posted a picture on Instagram showing his younger brother on Sunday in Nantucket.

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