London hosts rare lunar eclipse – share your photos

Image copyright NASA Image caption The partial eclipse on Saturday lasted only several hours before it ended just after 3pm GMT

The moon appeared red against the backdrop of London’s iconic Canary Wharf and Canary Wharf Tower.

Millions of people watched the partial lunar eclipse which began on Saturday afternoon as the Earth passed between the Sun and the Moon, casting a pale moon into the night sky.

And many were treated to a ‘missing twin’ effect: the Moon was accompanied by a smaller “missing limb” as it moved across the Sun’s disk.

Image copyright NASA Image caption However, if the gap between the two pieces of the Moon got too big for our view, it should blend together.

It was the first partial lunar eclipse to be filmed in front of the roof of Canary Wharf as part of a special series of images produced by Smithsonian magazine.

Tianchi Wulf, a Nasa scientist, travelled to London to “preview” the view from the roof on Friday.

Share your photos of the lunar eclipse using the BBC iPlayer. Be sure to use the appropriate filename.

Check out this story for more information on how to watch the eclipse.

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