Madonna furious over Instagram’s removal of photos of her daughters

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Pop superstar Madonna has hit out at Instagram for removing photos of her daughters, Lourdes Leon and Mercy James, that had been shared by a photographer.

Arturo Castro’s pictures were “blocked by Instagram due to Content Policy violations” over privacy concerns, he said in a video posted on social media this week.

Madonna, who is the founder of a children’s charity called Raising Malawi, was clearly disappointed by the action and took to Twitter, posting a photo of Castro’s framed images.

He asked fans if they agreed “with Instagram that no photos of my children should be publicly available?”

In another tweet, she referenced her hit single “Like a Prayer” and wrote: “So they blocked these pics of my children, I mean seriously…Jesus Christ, don’t you have anything better to do.”

In a third post she asked: “So who’s going to buy the online print of these photos?”

The images were taken by Castro during the 2013 school building project in the Malawi village of Masisi, where Malawi’s government has been helping Madonna build a girls’ secondary school.

Castro has been the official photographer for the project and on Friday, he had tweeted several pictures of the Madonna-sponsored school.

He shared a photo showing the project’s logo in clear view of the back of Lourdes, the singer’s 19-year-old daughter, as she walks in the project’s chapel.

Lourdes goes to school in Malawi

Madonna, who says she adopted Malawi’s youngest daughter, Mercy James, when she was just four days old, has contributed to Malawi’s education system over the years.

At the launch of the girls’ school she said: “I am so happy. I never imagined or expected it to be so beautiful.

“I’m so happy my mission to educate girls is finally coming true.”

In a statement sent to CNN, Facebook, which owns Instagram, said: “We take the safety and security of our community very seriously and anyone found to be in violation of our policies will be removed immediately.

“Our policies empower and respect our users, and do not limit their freedom of expression.

“We believe that a strong community is built on trust, and that trust is built on compliance to all our policies, including our reach and documentation policies.”

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