McDonald’s is planning its most radical overhaul since the golden arches first went corporate

McDonald’s, the iconic chain that has come to represent American affluence and comfort to generations of diners and cheapskates alike, is gearing up for what could be its most radical overhaul since the golden arches first went corporate. For its 150th anniversary, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook is reportedly set to launch an almost revolutionary brand overhaul: a menu of new ingredients, smaller portions, healthier food and fresh ingredients. It could be the start of what will likely be a full, one-brand refocus for the 90-year-old burger giant.

But a major component of McDonald’s change strategy will be around where it gets ingredients for its meals. A strict, transparent sourcing philosophy will see McDonald’s offer “the freshest possible ingredients,” Mr. Easterbrook wrote in a company memo obtained by The New York Times. The focus, as The New York Times reports, will be on creating foods that mimic the nutritive content of the food that might otherwise be on its ingredients list, “such as whole grains, high-fiber, nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables,” said Mr. Easterbrook.

In a company-wide message to employees that was published Tuesday, Mr. Easterbrook wrote that the new McDonald’s menu will be the most strategic one the company has ever been involved with. “Our Menu is very Darwinian,” he wrote. “We are going to put the best ingredients on the menu and more of them into the restaurants, making McDonald’s the destination of choice for customers seeking flavor and quality at a value.”

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