Report: Cryptic symbols discovered on Qatari sand dunes

Two men returned from Doha a week ago. (picture via Naseem Zakaria Hassan)

Reports in the local Qatar Times suggest that someone is carving mysterious symbols into the sands of the Qatari desert.

Stills of the two men, looking fascinated as they examine what they have discovered, appear to have been taken from a video of the discovery.

The men claim that they were there to sell some gold mines and for some underground oil wells but were also exploring the Doha desert for an area to build their own home.

One of the men who found the two symbols claimed that they were discovered in a gorge in the Sharjah Desert.

Due to his job in the oil industry, the man claimed that he had been briefed by “more senior officials” to search the area for oil.

If the man is referring to the oil company, then his credibility is being called into question but he has clearly been guided by higher authorities.

The other find was discovered further north in the large Al-Zarah Emirate.

In reality, neither of the sites mentioned in the newspapers are, or have ever been, in Qatar.

The Al-Zarah and Sharjah Emirates are both oil producing nations, but whereas Qatar is a small desert nation, Al-Zarah was in fact joined with Sharjah.

Furthermore, the tunnels/avoids that have been carved into the sandstones are actually used for a railway along the GCC-Iran border, meaning that neither site is actually on Qatar’s territory.

Either way, if there are symbols and glyphs found on Qatari desert sands, the main mystery has yet to be solved.

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