The best activities to try in Australia

The Four Seasons Resort of Leucadia in Coffs Harbour, Australia, has a world-famous swimming pool. The building dates back to 1951 and is open to the public. Get there: The 500-room resort is about a two-hour drive from Sydney. It features spectacular water activities like Olympic water polo, kayaking, body boarding, surfing, swimming and snorkeling.

Should you try them all? Not necessarily.

On public waters, although adventure sports are popular, personal watercraft (yes, a “personal”) and vehicles are not legal. Attached to a motor, they can speed up, slow down and get out of their control. Manned powerboats are safer and are pretty prevalent, particularly for parties with small children.

You can try multiple sports and incorporate them together on the resort’s private lake. The area has a resident wildlife program, with hundreds of native native birds, songbirds and nocturnal animals. There’s a fair amount of snow throughout the year, and an on-site spa offers Australian therapeutic treatments.

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