The Pentagon will soon create a UFO investigation unit.

Representatives of the Pentagon have announced the creation of a new five-person UFO investigation unit, The Washington Post reports. According to an anonymous government official, the new unit will replace a previously launched Naval branch that received complaints from multiple agencies, including the government of Germany. The head of the new Pentagon unit, former Central Intelligence Agency analyst Matthew B. Connolly, is set to formally announce the project on Monday.

“We are seeking to hold human entities accountable for their actions and to work with the public to find a common sense explanation,” Connolly said of the new effort, according to a Pentagon document obtained by The Post.

The new head of the FBI’s intelligence division, Todd Hinnen, added to The Post that the Pentagon’s “effort is drawing the best experts from around the U.S. and outside.”

The move comes weeks after President Donald Trump’s administration alleged that Russia had “recruited Americans to serve as double agents” against the U.S. and in July of 2017 released a report that painted a detailed picture of the government’s belief in UFOs and a possible cover-up by the U.S. government. The Naval Research Lab, the unit that investigators UFO claims and studies their origins, was shut down last year.

The government’s attention to unsolved sightings of UFOs increased, despite various other groups, such as The Pentagon, finding that there is “no substantive evidence of unexplained aerial phenomena.” In 2012, two U.S. Navy fighter pilots reported seeing a UFO, dubbed a “hypersonic craft,” that was traveling at speeds 10 times faster than the speed of sound. In January 2018, an Oregon UFO had a top speed of 4.5 million miles per hour — and reportedly still looks like a UFO.

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