These are the best tech gifts under $100

For adding pop to your person with Apple Watches, Nike FuelBand, and other fitness tracking gadgets, there are also some truly cool tech gifts you can buy for the technophiles in your life.

Here’s how to work around present restrictions to find the perfect tech gift for the tech lover in your life.


Sure, you can go right to the home page of the Apple Store and buy one of those mythical iGadgets, like an Apple Watch or a MacBook, but we’re not going to lie: they’re not cheap. In fact, they can easily cost you several hundred dollars or more without an ounce of cool factor. Instead, consider a heart-rate monitor, like the heart-rate monitor the GoPro Hero6 Silver can be used with. It provides the steady core data needed to know if you’re going to run, bike, or whatever sport you’re interested in. It’s tough, stylish, and basic. A great holiday gift for any athlete.

Microsoft helps jazz up your head with a nice accessories of its own. The Surface Studio AIO PC turns your bedroom into a room full of professional-grade graphical workstations. Your PC will run PC games like World of Warcraft, Lego World, and Destiny 2; produce illustrations and photos for your home design library; and much more. The Surface Studio AIO PC costs $4,999, but a loaner will be even cheaper. Just don’t break it.

One-Stop Gadget

For you and your buds, the iLife Remote offers tons of useful iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch features on a Wi-Fi-enabled remote. Just snap the iLife Remote up to your Apple iPad and you can launch iTunes and view your iTunes music library, stream your music from services like Spotify and Amazon Music, access your iCal and notifications, and more. The iLife Remote’s classic design makes it easy to hold and is good for storage or minimal preparation. And it’s compatible with all compatible Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads.

Scratch and Stink

For being hard to reach, the Flymo Force Rugged Driveway Stocking is the perfect retro-style robot toy. It comes in two different sizes and with two heads, the larger one can be placed over the first head or vice versa, so it’s a two-headed walker that can travel over lawns, parking lots, driveways, and hills or even over pavement. It carries a load of 45 pounds, so you can use it as a tool as well as a toy. And in addition to easy-access trim, it has an eye that keeps it looking sharp.

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