This 8-year-old is making waves as a video vixen in the telenovela world

Story highlights A reality TV star known for her viral videos is a force to be reckoned with in Mexico

No matter what you look like, if you’ve got the right outfit on and have some Snapchat-worthy skills, social media fame could be yours

Style and movement are on everyone’s minds right now. Take, for example, the pint-sized fashion industry sensation known for her empowering videos. Chen Zhen, an 8-year-old Taiwanese-Chinese star known as the “Atypical Alexa Chung,” is breaking ground as a YouTube influencer with her high-fashion looks and infectious take on pop culture.

Chen started posting clips of herself in social media avatars in 2013. In a Vogue profile, Chen’s mom told the fashion glossy that she was inspired by the movement the internet was creating at the time.

Although most of her posts and videos focus on makeup and style, Chen has started to do more than show off her looks. Her channel, atypicalmechaniknow, has seen high-profile brands like MAC Cosmetics and Ted Baker work with her in 2018 to launch their own collections of beauty products — something Chen has a signature to in her videos. She also started collaborating with stars in Hollywood, such as Sasha Lane and Yara Shahidi.

In short, the creator is a force to be reckoned with. She’s already been called an “YouTube sensation” by Vogue and a “kid-slash-YouTube-star” by BuzzFeed News.

Now, the aspiring star is becoming a force in Mexico, as well.

Chen, who was spotted in the crowd at a beauty pageant in Mexico City earlier this month, and went on to hold her own during interviews with local television networks. She also teamed up with Estée Lauder to release lipsticks and eye shadows in several shades after impressing fans and beauty editors with her striking makeup skills.

Much of Chen’s mainstream rise to fame has been due to her songs, as well. The proud hip-hop and R&B fan has six dance and club jams with Pitbull and several collaborations with Filipino artist Waje on their single “Ugly.”

Her most popular song, though, is “Do You Dance With Me,” which is dedicated to her fans.

Chen’s high-fashion avatar video is a great example of what to expect when you post to Snapchat or Instagram — a character you can become, and a target of your peers’ envy.

But beyond simple social media inspiration, Chen is a strong example of how you can get ahead on the internet and have people appreciate your talents (or, in this case, beauty skills) for a living. With a background in Japanese anime, Chen started posting her video on Tumblr and eventually made her viral nature mainstream. She even has her own startup called “Yordandie,” an online destination for amateur singers.

She’s far from the only influencer making waves in the social media sphere, though. Sarah Grant, for example, is a 23-year-old social media star who’s acquired more than 10 million followers on Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. In fact, the “Born To Dance” YouTube star recently announced that she was signing with CAA.

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