Turkeys and pigs romp free in south-east Andes

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The animals, whippets called Stoddard, could be subjected to vegetarian diets

Two turkeys have been released in south America’s Andes mountains so they can go for a walk while walking pigs go wild and roam around.

In one video a man snaps photos as Stoddard the turkey legs round the trees.

The feathered creature was released into the forest by Rebecca Mordue-Hesketh, a PhD student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

The turkeys were released on a property run by US-based landowner David Ramos and his wife.

Don’t mess with the hog

Some 400 pigs were previously released into the area of Andantina National Park.

The two turkeys were named Stoddard and Queenie because they are small breeds called Stoddard and Queenie, known to grow large brained – hence their name.

“Their ancestors run free on the golf course of the Edwin Hughes course here in Bozen, France, and they were captured to be used as caged-turkey training”, Ms Mordue-Hesketh said.

“In this video, we see that a very tiny turkey hops off a tree on to the golf course land and continues to hop around a lot.”

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