Vaccinated woman wins Australian Open after child receives good flu shot

Aryna Sabalenka, the No. 11-ranked women’s tennis player in the world, wrote a message to the mother of a child who contracted swine flu on a flight in the early hours of December 6 that she says cured her of the virus and led to her winning in the third round of the Australian Open. “I saw an article in the media about a guy coming on board, pregnant, and suffering from swine flu. You said that all the vaccines used are very good. I got vaccinated and it worked for me,” Sabalenka wrote to Christina Vanderblok. The “guy” in question is a Russian fan.

ZINEDINE ZIDANE was treated for stroke last night and has had to cut short his holidays by the club.

This news is a result of the Zika virus then. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and support. —

Aryna Sabalenka (@ArynaSabalenka) December 07, 2017

Bowing to the starry score of the article, Sabalenka asked others to “tour” with her and warned the 1.6 million Facebook followers of the typhoid vaccination. She added that she “missed two days of training but got back to work like nothing had happened,” and thanked team captain, the No. 1-ranked Serena Williams for “the support.” Earlier, during her enthralling battle against Croatia’s Donna Vekic, Sabalenka was warned by the umpire that she had not sounded properly. When asked by a reporter if there had been a problem with her voice or hearing, she giggled and said no. Her coach, Ukrainian Nenad Zimonjic, gave a lengthy explanation, saying he could not swear or use vulgar words on television. But when asked for his thoughts on the situation he said, without missing a beat, “We are good. It’s all fine.”

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