Vast tomb in Peru discovered with olive oil, blood, hair, human bones

Leading archeologists in Peru have located one of the oldest mummies in the world, and from a jar found inside it, they discovered fragments of olive oil, blood, human hair and preserved human remains.

The mummy was part of an ancient burial site that dates back 800 years. The discovery was made by André Bordaberry, a professor at the University of Barcelona’s Institute of Paleontology and Palaeontology, and Joseph Cajichone, an archeologist at the University of Lima. They previously spotted the mummy encased in amber in the Gilan Valley, a repository of Peru’s oldest places of human habitation.

Now scientists from the two universities and the Instituto de Erticas, an Argentine mining company, are examining the mummy. After the jar is opened, scientists expect to uncover incisors, molars, teeth extracted from the toothbrush, bone and some tissue of human bone.

The mummified male remains were among about 200 people buried in a similar grave in the Gilan Valley. Many of the ribs and vertebrae were cleaned and burnt as a part of a ceremony, one of Bordaberry said. Scientists say that the preservation from the burning was a miracle, considering how many infants were buried with their bodies lit on fire.

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