What Was Roger Stone Doing in Prison? As Reported, an Unnamed Trump Adviser Was Conspiring to Get Stone Out of There

The New York Post reported on Thursday that an unidentified U.S. President Trump adviser was planning on commuting the prison sentence of Roger Stone, President Trump’s confidant and one-time adviser and confidant. The Times reported on the apparent plot this afternoon. The aide would probably commute Stone’s 4-month sentence instead of asking the president for a pardon.

It’s obvious that every day that Stone sits in prison is a day spent reading the Internet, which is chock full of the (supposed) plans of the President of the United States and his confidants to dole out pardons to “scandals” that didn’t serve his purposes, which may include Stone’s treason charges from the special counsel investigation of the Trump campaign.

Early this year, President Trump said he wanted to grant pardons to Omarosa Manigault Newman, former White House aide, turned contestant on The Apprentice, and head of the White House communications office; he referred to herself as the “N word”; there were rumors he was pardoning himself; and there were a bunch of whispers he was going to grant clemency to former presidential aide Carter Page.

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