‘You’re Not Helpless’ is a series about women living in poverty and abuse

Linda Singer refers to me as “your Guardian-dog reporter” often, and I must say that I love it. In her “You’re Not Helpless” series for Metro, the street videographer makes her readers feel a little more present as she shares life experiences with us. Each week she’ll highlight a woman who has dealt with issues like domestic violence, poverty, addiction, sexual harassment and illness.

From K, a stay-at-home mom from Sri Lanka, to Thandie Newton, the Hollywood actress who lives in the U.K., Singer profiles five women in the London sub-region of Tottenham, a multicultural community. The women each share a common thread: exposure to domestic violence and, like most women in England, often the inability to leave a relationship.

Rudgid Kabir says she couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she approached her co-worker at work one day and asked him to accompany her home after she’d confided in him about an abusive husband who was currently with her. Eventually, Kabir’s partner was apprehended and arrested, but the incident left her life forever altered.

Singer also tells the stories of six women living in poverty who share their stories of climbing out of their circumstances, learning valuable life skills in the process and giving something back to the community.

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