Better-than-expected virtual property rally

A virtual land boom is getting started. Metaverse Real Estate (TREN), a brand-new real estate company trading at 95 cents a share on the OTC Bulletin Board, just saw its share price shoot up 29% on a day when most companies were flat or in the red. It’s the second such pop in recent days.

TREN, whose subsidiaries include virtual simulators, virtual tours, leading social games, and real estate investment, went public on Friday.

Trading just below $1 a share on the OTC Bulletin Board, TREN announced earnings per share of 49 cents for the quarter ending in September. TREN says it’s moving faster than the IPO marketplace, as other companies have shown it can still do the 3D rendering of the physical realm that initially makes some people nervous.

Here’s how the numbers look to the novice virtual real estate investor:

Long-term, how should you feel about the company?

If you’ve always wanted to own a house, bought the OTC Bulletin Board Tuesday, should you see anything in the numbers that merits investment?

Tren says it “has a heritage of creating revolutionary virtual playgrounds and compelling entertainment experiences that provide a social and online starting point to purchase or rent real estate, and entertain.”

In other words, TREN’s players are getting a heads-up on the next generation of homebuying and renting.

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