Bryan Cranston calls Andrew Garfield out for being a raging hot head

Written by Staff Writer by By Brooke Baldwin, CNN London Contributors, With additional reporting by Lesley Turk

If you thought Andrew Garfield was a bit emotional over his final screen role in “The Amazing Spider-Man” back in 2014, you weren’t imagining things. He was pretty emotional.

In fact, Garfield took his breakup with girlfriend Emma Stone very personally, posting about it on Instagram over and over. But on Monday night, Garfield was more guarded, connecting onscreen to his past, working with the same actors who made him a star.

But just hours before his big big Broadway debut in “Angels in America,” Garfield got an unexpected and touching gesture from his onscreen “drinking buddies” after going viral with a scene in the first “Kai” movie, a spiritual sequel to the notorious “karate kid” TV series.

Actor Bryan Cranston, who starred as “Junior” Stroud in “Kai,” had previously posted about how much he hated the YouTube series which ridiculed the way people have a tendency to glorify former bully villains when they become beloved heroes.

“It’s called growth,” he said in a phone interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “Catch your moments. Stop congratulating yourself too much.”

“Don’t let anyone force you to grow if you’re not ready.”

But in the interview, Cranston mentioned that he had secretly placed a request to “Kai” producers to grab a pair of pairs of scissors and “do something about these videos” when they hit YouTube.

Following the show’s debut, Cranston not only popped in to congratulate Garfield, but also shared a real moment with him.

Cranston tweeted a photo of the two actors about two hours before the curtain went up on Monday night. In the photo, Cranston is giving Garfield a double thumbs up with the message, “Hey buddy!”

Suddenly, Garfield was less nervous and warm with his banter.

“Curtains are about to go up on the world premiere of Angels in America! It’s a very moving and powerful play by our pal Tony Kushner and I can’t thank the amazing cast and incredible group of people that we’ve worked with enough,” he told Cranston.

Then, Garfield looked over at a sheet of tickets mounted on the wall, revealing that his old onscreen friends had arranged a surprise for him.

“Your old friends are waiting right here! Thanks to Bryan and those that we worked with very closely on this movie,” Garfield says, as he flashes a bright grin. “Thanks for inviting me for a drink.”

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