Weather Forecast for Southern California

Weather Forecast for Southern California

An ‘abnormal,’ monsoon-like weather pattern hits Southern California, with a couple of rain showers, more than you’d normally see during June, and a few thunderstorms, though they’re light showers only. The storms will move out of Southern California by about 3 p.m., and it will continue to be warm and dry. It’s not unusual to see temperatures climb into the upper 90s.

Here at the WILD blog, we have been hearing a lot about a possible warm-up in the coming days. While we have not received any official reports of increased precipitation on the way, the consensus seems to be that some rain will still fall in Southern California. Some showers are likely to start as soon as noon or at 1 p.m., and a few more will be possible around 2 p.m. A few isolated thunderstorms are not out of the question in Southern California, too. The “frenetic” rain-and-thunder storms have been a hallmark of recent storms that have made the news, and Southern California is no exception.

If you’re in Southern California, you’ll want to get out and enjoy this rare, monsoon-like weather, if only because it could turn ugly if not enough precipitation falls. So, what kind of precipitation should you expect? We took a look at the Southern California forecast on June 20, the day when the warm weather arrived in Southern California. Here are the main points of the forecast.

* Rain — Heavy downpours are possible, but not likely.

* Snow — There is a slight chance of a snowstorm, but certainly not probable.

* Lightning — Severe storms are possible in the region, but no rain is likely to be associated.

* Thunderstorms — There is a slight chance of some serious thunderstorms late today and tonight, with a chance, but not likely, of showers, although thunderstorms are possible throughout the week, in a variety of forms and intensities.

* Hot — A few hours of hot weather are possible early today and over the weekend.

* Cold — A few hours of cold weather are possible, with highs starting in the 70s on Saturday.

* Strong to severe storms– A few

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