The Don River is a lifeblood of Toronto

The Don River is a lifeblood of Toronto

Link to Toronto’s distant past falls into disrepair on Gerrard Street bridge over the Don River

In one of the more recent entries in Toronto’s ever-growing archive of heritage sites, the Don River Heritage Society of Toronto has announced plans for a full year-long celebration of the river.

If you’ve been interested in the Don River before, the site is set to offer both educational and recreational programming for everyone from children to seniors.

“The river has long been a source of inspiration and pride for Torontonians,” says executive director and CEO of the Don River Heritage Society of Canada, Brian M. Smith, in a press release.

“The Don River is our lifeblood, and one that connects so many people to Toronto’s heritage and community identity.”

To get you in the mood for a river of history, here’s what’s being planned at a new site down the Don from Gerrard Street West all the way to the bridge over it.

The event is expected to continue throughout the year with a series of educational and recreational activities and concerts where history and natural elements will be presented in full force.

The events will have a variety of different themes, according to the release, including an arts-and-crafts weekend on July 2-4 in conjunction with the Toronto Boat Show, and an “Indentured Settlers” celebration on October 29-31 with more than 20 local organizations and businesses.

All events are being organized under the Don River Conservancy.

The Conservancy website has a full schedule of events that you can peruse over the course of the month.

For example, the “Indentured Settlers” event will have live music at two locations.

One of them will be a multi-media presentation about “a pivotal era in the history of the city known

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