The Ingraham Angle: The Ingraham Angle

The Ingraham Angle: The Ingraham Angle

Editorial: GOP responds to Pelosi attack with cruel, baseless jokes. It’s shameful.

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Let’s get to the news now.

Hang on, there are three more reports.

The White House says Donald Trump must return to Washington on Tuesday. There is a partial government shutdown coming up that could affect the health of thousands of federal employees. And Democratic leaders in the House are preparing a new wave of investigations into the 2016 elections. This news is on the same day that California state legislators passed a controversial sanctuary law for undocumented immigrant youth, after Republican Gov. Jerry Brown and the state’s Democratic attorney general sued to block it.

SEN. JAMES EISENBERG (R), KENTUCKY: And we’ve got a bill on the floor right now that has a very clear intent to protect our children from sexual predators. I think we’ve seen enough already from folks in the Trump administration that if they can find a criminal intent here, they will do what they have to to protect our children. They will do what they can to make sure that children in this state are protected. And the bill I just introduced today was in response to this and protects this child and does just that.

HOST: It’s called SB 1462, and the lead Republican sponsor of the bill, Senator James Entenbergh, is a Democrat from California, and Senator Susan Collins is now running for Senate in Maine.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley has been working nonstop on a bill to defund sanctuary cities and states, and he’s been trying to get it signed by President Obama. He’ll be holding hearings in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

But even if he did get it passed, President Trump himself

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