How to Be a Successful Composer

How to Be a Successful Composer

A Wall Street Banker Turned to Comedy for Happiness and a Career Change

When it comes to success, some people feel it is an inalienable right to find happiness. Others are driven by what is in it for them; whatever motivates them to succeed. To me, happiness is more of an aspiration or want for something. A bank president is far happier if he finds a way to make his personal finances go up. But a comedian that succeeds is much more concerned with making his audience laugh. The more laughs he can get from his audience, the higher his standing becomes and the more of a marketer he is. I don’t understand the point of making yourself more comfortable in an existing situation if it doesn’t bring you happiness.

My father was a successful businessman and philanthropist, who also served as a governor of the Bank of the Philippines. He was a very humble and loving man, who I admired. I didn’t expect that I would grow up to be a world-class comedian, to be considered the best after I myself. I am not the greatest, nor the best, but I am the most consistent. I am the one who has never given up. I know that I am good not because the critics think of me that way, but because I know it myself. I do not know everything, but I am willing to learn. My father taught me those same values, and has taught me to stand on my own feet.

My father was a very humble person. To succeed in business or in life, you should be humble. You should not let anything and anybody, including your family, take away from you. He has sacrificed himself to the extreme, to the point that he almost died of a heart attack in 2005. He still goes as far as he can, while he is still relatively young. He would not live to see his children and grandchildren. He did not want to be a burden on anyone. He believed that

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