Kanye West’s Hate of Jews is a Sign of White Supremacy

Kanye West’s Hate of Jews is a Sign of White Supremacy

Kim Kardashian condemns Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks, stands with Jewish community

Kate Garraway

Kate Garraway is BBC News Online’s US correspondent.

Kanye West is an old black man married to a black woman, so why does he hate Jews so much?

The explanation is clear. “The reason I’m a black man is because the reason I’m a black man, is because I used to hate Jews,” West told The Sunday Times. “That’s what’s messed up about me, the fact that I feel more American now than in America.”

He’s right. For years, West has expressed his hatred of Jews and Israel in his music, on Twitter, and in interviews all over the world. He has attacked Israel on stage and in interviews and blamed Jews for his success, while painting himself as the victim.

While the West-Kanye relationship may be toxic, it is far preferable to the reality of many black Americans, including President Donald Trump, who are hostile to Jews and Israel.

Since we published this story last month, Kanye West has gone through a series of controversies but has been largely shielded from the criticism and condemnation that has been directed at him by black activists on Twitter.

Kanye West has been called out for his comments on slavery, but the vast majority of Jews in America, and around the world, believe a black man doesn’t hate Jews because he hates blacks and whites.

A large percentage of African-American and Latino Americans believe an old black man can’t hate Jews because he is Jewish. That’s just not true. They see it as a sign of weakness, a sign that he is a white supremacist and a bigot.

Killary Yoon, a Jewish comedian, tweeted on the West controversy after a black comedian said West’s attack on black people was “akin to blackface”.

“This is why America is a great country. People are able to criticize things like this. But we also have the ability to do something about it,” Yoon said.

‘Blackface?’ It’s funny because it’s not. It’s not comedy. It’s a

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