Keystone XL Pipeline Debate Coverage Analysis

Keystone XL Pipeline Debate Coverage Analysis

What the Pennsylvania Media Is Saying About the Senate Debate On the Keystone XL Pipeline

As the debate on the Keystone XL pipeline heats up, a flurry of coverage has emerged from around the state and nationally highlighting the debate. With less than a week until the Pennsylvania primary, now is the time to get your analysis on the debate, and in doing so, you can help shape it. Below you will find a series of articles about the debate and how it was covered by the media around the state.

For a comprehensive list, you can check out the complete POLITICO review of coverage.

We want to know what you’re thinking about the Keystone XL debate that is scheduled to run from August 19th to 21st. Is Keystone XL a great idea to expand oil exports throughout the country? What is the right way to handle it? Does the controversy have a place in the primary elections? Or is it being used by the Republican Party to draw more voters? Feel free to comment below or to email us at [email protected]

***The Keystone XL Pipeline Debate is taking off. The debate is attracting national media attention, and it’s getting more attention as time goes on. So, we want to hear what you think about the debate, the media coverage, the Republican candidates, and the debate itself. We’re inviting you to submit the answers below by Wednesday night, August 15th to be included in the Keystone XL Pipeline Debate coverage analysis.

So, let us know what you’re thinking about and share your thoughts below:

– What do you think about the way the debate is unfolding?

– Have you read the many articles about the debate? Are they informative? Unintentionally inflammatory?

– Have you watched a debate or seen someone interviewed on television about the debate? Were you able to learn anything new about the discussion?

– Are you surprised that the debate is more about Keystone XL than about the other candidates?

***A Quick Update: The Keystone XL Pipeline Debate is not a new phenomenon. Media has been covering it for some time.

On Friday, August 3rd, there was only one article about the debate, which was published by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

On Monday, August 6th, there were three articles about the debate, but all were focused on Keystone XL.

On Tuesday, August 7th, there were three articles about the debate, but two of them were focused on Keystone XL and the third was a story about U.

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