The Three Major Transformations of Butts

The Three Major Transformations of Butts

Will the Era of Butts Ever End?

The question most often discussed at the annual Sausage Sizzle is whether the era of butts will ever come to an end. If you were around at the same time as us, we’d bet you still recall the cringe-inducing scenes of our parents’ butts that used to roll around the living room. Those rolling butts eventually evolved into the new hip style because of how trendy it was at the time, so it was no wonder our generation grew to love them. But as time has passed, our butts have gone through three major transformations, as shown below.

There was a time when butts were still flat, and we actually thought that the butts of today were different than the butts of our parents. But as the popularity of butts grew, it became a trend, and soon butts became round. We had butts that weren’t in the shape of a traditional ball, so it wasn’t as natural. But then in the mid 1980s, we saw butts that were round made out of wood, so that’s what we’d use. It didn’t take long for butts to evolve from flat to rounded, and that was the start of the trend. It was like we always knew it was coming, but we didn’t want to admit it.

Butts didn’t always come in a variety of colors. In fact, most of them were brown. We saw butts in all colors but in black and white, so we thought that was the era of butts. But then in the mid 1990s, butts morphed into red, pink, purple and blue, making them very eye-catching.

Finally, butts took the next evolution by becoming a pair that can be worn in either a side or back view. This made it even more fashionable, as butts were no longer paired with any pants, so now we had the option of pairing them with anything at all. It�

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