Rafael Nadal says he is happy to have a baby

Rafael Nadal says he is happy to have a baby

Rafael Nadal says he and his family are ‘very well’ after birth of first child

Rafael Nadal has said he is just happy to have a child, and even suggested he may be able to father a second.

The tennis star’s wife, Mirka, gave birth to a son on Wednesday morning with the blessing of his tennis coach, former top-ranked player Goran Ivanisevic, who has been in the family for six years.

Nadal, 32, says there is no risk to his pregnancy, despite the fact that his mother has previously spoken out about her long battle with breast cancer.

The Spaniard said: ‘I am very happy.

Mirka and Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon in 2009. Picture: Getty Images

‘I wouldn’t say I am nervous or anything like that.

‘I am going to continue my activities. I have a good team around me, and I think it will be good for our baby and for our family. The baby looks healthy and that is what you want.’

Nadal said his new baby will likely only live for a few years, with Mirka indicating she will continue trying to conceive.

He said: ‘It is hard, but there is a reason why everything is difficult.

‘My mother has been through something similar and we have a strong family. I don’t think it is going to get worse – maybe our situation will get better.

‘I am very happy to be a mom, especially with the little we have right now. In fact, I am happy with the pregnancy but I would love to have another.’

In spite of his recent marriage, Nadal will compete at the Australian Open, and will play at Wimbledon, where he will be seeded 14th.

Nadal, who is set to take on the top seed Novak Djokovic next weekend, said he plans to play his best tennis of the year.

Asked if he anticipated making the top 32 in Melbourne, he said: ‘I don’t know. It is too early to say definitely. I have a good feeling for the tournament, with my play in the last game. Maybe I am not going to do well in the first round, or maybe not do well in the second round. That would be a surprise, but still better than not

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