Warren’s Message to Nevada’s Asian American Voters: “Look Beyond the Asian Community”

Warren’s Message to Nevada’s Asian American Voters: “Look Beyond the Asian Community”

Asian Americans in Nevada are highly sought-after voters, and this is a key reason why Democrats need to target them as aggressively as they did Latino Hispanics. That’s why Sen. Warren has already begun to make that pitch.

In her Nevada address, Warren said that Asians need to feel “they’re part of the country,” and then challenged Nevada’s voters to look beyond their own community. That was followed by a video clip, titled “Look Beyond the Asian Community,” in which she highlighted the need to “engage your community, get their opinions, ask for their help, give voice to their aspirations.”

In that video, she said, “When Asian Americans aren’t confident about who we are, how we see ourselves, and what we stand for, it creates a barrier to progress.” She noted that that Asian Americans “want to contribute to this country, they want to find work that’s meaningful, that’s challenging, and that challenges them, and that makes them proud.”

She then went on to say that “when Asian Americans stop feeling like they can look to themselves and see, there is nothing we can offer, and when they stop feeling like they have something to offer, then they aren’t able to contribute in ways that make them proud.”

That, clearly, is a theme that needs to be more widely explored.

Indeed, as the Nevada Democratic Party has tried to do, Warren has worked to unearth Asian Americans as voters, particularly in Asian American neighborhoods, and mobilize them for the campaign.

A good example of this, which should be a wake-up call for Democrats in Nevada, is a conversation Warren had with a young Latino woman.

At a campaign stop last week, she was asked how she has found ways to get to college-age Latinos.

She told the woman that there is no shortage of opportunities in Nevada, but that young Latinos

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