5 Great Things to Read While You’re Prepping for the Olympics

5 Great Things to Read While You’re Prepping for the Olympics

See Roger Federer share tears and laughter with CNN star Jennifer Hudson

Bored of sports talk and the endless barrage of negative headlines? Here are five great things to read while you’re getting pumped for the Olympics:

1. How this girl was killed by her boyfriend.

An angry boyfriend is how one 18-year-old woman was killed by the LAPD after a week of harassment and violent violence.

The teen, identified as Jane Doe, was found dead inside her home on Tuesday, March 11, after officers responded to her screams that she was being attacked.

Her name was changed to protect her privacy.

The boyfriend, Brandon Routh, was arrested and charged with murder. LAPD said they were investigating the “extent to which he killed his girlfriend by holding her at knifepoint, choking her, and beating her with a hammer.”

2. When the world was a “safe place” for your mom.

I don’t know about you guys, but at some point in my life, I don’t want to find out my own mother is a drunk or drug addict. But, that doesn’t stop me from reading stories about my mom.

I’m no mother to you, but this story is about how this mother was one of the first people to warn the world about chemical weapons.

A mother named Diane McWhorter decided she was sick of seeing her children suffer from illnesses or being tormented by bullies. So, in 1991, she started a letter-writing campaign to her Congressmembers, and urged them to take action to help prevent or at least stop the proliferation of chemical weapons.

She got an immediate reaction from lawmakers. In 1990, Congress held a public hearing about chemical weapons and, at the suggestion of Ms. McWhorter, created a National Commission on the Prevention of Chemical Weapons. The Commission was charged with determining what we could do to prevent our country from being the next victim of

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