The Pryors’ Story of Love

The Pryors’ Story of Love

Pam Grier Thinks Richard Pryor and Trevor Noah Would Have Been Best Friends Since the Day They Met

She just didn’t expect them to be that close.

During the most critical chapter in the career of comedian Richard Pryor, the late stand-up and actor shared a life with the man he is often labeled the most polarizing entertainer of all time—Trevor Noah. Their romance, and the drama that followed it, inspired a star-studded Twitter campaign against Pryor’s portrayal of God and caused a public furor that was captured on camera and played out on social media.

During a press conference Tuesday evening, Pryor’s oldest daughter, Pam Grier—who shared an excerpt from their correspondence on Twitter—revealed a side of Pryor that has been off the radar in recent memory. She explained, “It’s funny because I don’t have a lot of people calling me because I’m my mom. I don’t have a lot of people calling me and inviting me over. And I know this because my mom says, ‘There are a lot of people who would’ve.’ That’s why a lot of people don’t know that the first time they met was the summer I was 14 years old. That’s how he approached me.”

Pam also shared details about Pryor’s personal life. “It’s interesting, I’m a religious nut and I’m completely freaked out that the father of the person I’m in love with is some old crazy guy in his 80s who has dementia,” Pam said. “I feel like Richard was not a normal dad. I didn’t know this. I didn’t know that.”

On a lighter note, Pam shared some snapshots of the pair’s time together, including the first time they met in the back of their mother’s car. “He didn’t want to talk to me. He was sitting in the front and I had to push him over

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