California Congressional District 22 – Candidate Comparison

California Congressional District 22 - Candidate Comparison

Your guide to the California Congressional District 22 race: Rep. David Valadao vs. Rudy Salas

Congressional Race: David Valadao vs. Rudy Salas – Candidate Comparison

With two weeks until Election Day, and one week following the election, it is a good time to compare candidates in the California Congressional District 22 race.

Like the state of California, congressional districts are somewhat arbitrary – every district is different.

In the House, however, the rules are simple – they each have two representatives.

The districts are assigned by geography – the two representatives are from the same “battleground” district. The two representatives are also geographically close.

The process is simple enough – districts are created by the California Assembly, with some exceptions.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Assembly will often create a new district for you.

If you live in a conservative district, the Assembly has created a new district for you.

If you live in a liberal district, the Assembly had to make a “diversion.”

This makes it possible for Republicans and Democrats who feel they need to be in the same district to meet in Congress.

Some of these newly created districts are a little hard to figure out – for example, if you live in one of the more conservative districts of the state, you may never even know if you live in a new district created for you.

Some of the new districts are harder to figure out – some are simply new sections of existing districts, and some are completely new.

David Valadao is a Republican who represents the 16th Congressional District of California.

Rudy Salas is a Democrat who represents the 22nd Congressional District of California.

Both are experienced office holders – both have run in this district before, and both have run in the 16th District before.

Both Salas and Valadao are running as primary challengers against the two other candidates for the seat: Republican Mike Honda and Democrat John Garamendi.

Here are some key things to keep in mind before you read about the candidates:

Rudy Salas’ home town of Los Angeles is in the 22nd District. The closest cities to his home are Pasadena, Los Altos, Saratoga, and Santa Clara.

Rudy Salas is an attorney – his district has two Assembly members (one Republican and one Democrat

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